Meet our Hornet stars

The Barela Family sitting and standing around a dining room table, smiling and talking

‘Shared memories’ at Sac State

Over the course of nearly three decades on campus the eight Barela children, all Hornet alums, transformed a family of farmworkers into a family of scholars . Read more.

Breaking barriers

Former Hornet softball player Alyssa Nakken becomes the first full-time female coach in Major League Baseball history.
Read more.

Leslie Valdivia in front of a teal blue wall holding two lipsticks from Vive Cosmetics

Culture and cosmetics

Leslie Valdivia founded Vive Cosmetics to reflect the diversity and experiences of Latinx people. Read more.

Forging his own path

Lifelong risk-taker Doug Lipp’s time at Sacramento State gave him the confidence to succeed as an author, global businessman and leadership consultant. Read more.

Video spotlight: Vince Horiuchi

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